How Long to Keep Divorce Papers?

Posted by Jason W.
September, 09th, 2017
How Long to Keep Divorce Papers?

How long should I keep divorce papers?

Most experts say that it is best to always keep legal documents forever. A birth certificate is one such document. And for those who wonder how long to keep divorce papers, it is highly recommended that you keep them on hand forever, as well. Keeping them in a secure place will save you time in the future if you ever need them. Let’s say you wish to make a major purchase, and the lender asks about your marital status if they need to check your credit and verify income. If you keep your divorce papers where you can access them immediately, it will be easy for you to show the bank - or another lender- that you are no longer married to your former spouse. Sometimes one spouse will be awarded the residential property, or some other type of property. After the divorce, the owner of this property may wish to sell it. To prove to the potential buyer that you are the rightful owner, you could easily provide the divorce papers that clearly prove ownership.

For your own financial protection, make it a simple rule to always keep your divorce papers. You could store your docs in a safety deposit box at your bank, if you have one. Or, simply keep them along with your other documents and records, such as with your individual income tax returns.

Another topic about “time” that is always of interest to couples getting an online divorce is how long it takes to get through the process.

How Long Does an Online Divorce Take to Get Approved?

The time it takes to get a divorce online depends on the county clerk’s office. And keep in mind that each state operates within its own schedule. For instance, in the state of California there is a six month waiting period in between steps. But in other states, however, their waiting period may just be a matter of a few weeks. So an online divorce takes different lengths of time after the judge signs the divorce online. Also, once the papers are filed with the court, each state has its own mandatory waiting period. The shortest time frame a couple must wait for is 30 days, and some can be as long as 90 days. It’s suggested that you double check with your county clerk’s office. This time frame must be completed, which means that no one can remarry until the divorce appears online.

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