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Yes, you just need to decide on child physical and legal custody. For information on this check Online Divorce With Children.

Yes, just check state requirements for your and your spouse’s states. Usually the state for filing will be the one where your kids live.

Yes, we can help you even if you have debts or property, you will just need to agree with your spouse how you are going to divide everything, as we work specifically with uncontested divorces. 

Definitely! Do not even ask yourself “Is it safe to use online divorce services?” It is absolutely secure and legit; your personal information will never be revealed to any 3rd parties, and you will get fully personalized divorce forms along with a wonderful support team ready to help you from 8am to 6pm EST.

GetDivorceOnline.com can help with this kind of divorce as well. But in this case, after our divorce forms are provided, you will also need to get default forms which can be found at legal stores. Then you file for a default divorce directly at the courthouse and provide strong proof that you were unable to locate your spouse, consequently the divorce will be finalized by default at court after that. 

Divorce papers online cost only $129 and you get 45 days of access to your account, but if we are running a promotion and you see a lower price on our homepage — do not miss out on this opportunity. What you can be assured of is that the cost of online divorce is much cheaper than hiring an attorney. It’s also a lot quicker. If you compare online divorce cost estimates with conventional procedures, it’s no wonder so many people choose to get divorced online.

Absolutely. Everything should be settled with your spouse, as this is the only condition under which GetDivorceOnline.com will be able to tackle your case. You can come to an agreement even while submitting the main questionnaire, meaning that you should clarify everything with your partner before the questionnaire is completed, and then sign the forms.

Online divorce papers are as accurate as those received from an attorney. In today's modern world you can do almost anything you want with the help of a device connected to the Internet, and divorce is no longer an exception here. If you are still wondering “Is online divorce good?” and if you prefer to spend your time driving and meeting with lawyers when they are available, you can do it that way. However, with GetDivorceOnline.com you are not only receiving all the necessary divorce forms prepared according to particular laws of your state, but you are also saving money and time, which is in fact priceless. 

Online divorce works even easier than you could ever imagine. Before using our website, many couples have asked themselves “Does an online divorce work?”. They don’t know that online services are very simple and involve only 3 steps that make an online divorce really work. Firstly, after going through a quick questionnaire, our system will define whether you qualify for an uncontested online divorce. Then, once the payment goes through our secure gateway, another portion of questions becomes available for you. After all the answers are provided we prepare the paperwork. As soon as you submit all the required answers, we prepare a package of filled-out divorce forms and clear instructions on how to file them further, and within 2 business days they are uploaded to your personal profile at GetDivorceOnline.com. These three simple steps will prove that online divorce kits work, without wasting money and time on meetings with an attorney. 

Online divorce means that you can get everything you need for the divorce. Online you will get documents tailored to your specific case by our forms specialists at GetDivorceOnline.com. It will free you from visiting an attorney and you will have the required papers that you will need to file to court. After that you will receive a divorce decree signed by the judge. So, online divorce services do all the paperwork and everything that is left for you is just to sign and file the forms.

When choosing the best online divorce service to work with, only trust a company that has a 100% court approval guarantee and up-to-date divorce forms, as this is the most important point when you file the documents with the court. If you are working with the website under the above-mentioned conditions, then most likely you are using GetDivorceOnline.com, because we update our forms every month, and after each update we confirm all of the documents with the court.

It’s easy with GetDivorceOnline.com! Are you wondering, “Can I apply for divorce online?” You can apply if you’re eligible, because applying for divorce online takes only 3 simple steps:

  • Take a couple of minutes to answer a few questions that verify if you qualify for a divorce.
  • Complete the questionnaire on our site in your own time and at your own convenience.
  • Sit back and wait for us to prepare all divorce documents along with filing instructions.

If your divorce is uncontested, you can apply for divorce papers online.

Yes, we can help you with that! You can request a divorce decree online by following the simple steps on our website. We provide you with forms and instructions on the legal process where public info request decrees are conducted. You can begin our 3-step process right now to get started.

No, these are two completely different things that should work separately. For a successful divorce, spouses should file in the state where one of them is living. To get more detailed information about residency requirements, visit your state page.

It depends on your case. For uncontested divorces we provide you with clear instructions explaining what to do with the paperwork and how to file the documents in court, and this is basically the same tasks the lawyer will ask an enormous amount of money for. However, if you feel like you need very close and individual guidance you can spend more for an attorney. 

Yes. You can easily restore your maiden name with the help of GetDivorceOnline.com divorce forms.

The court filing fee differs not only between states but even between counties, therefore we do not take the responsibility to charge you for that. As it’s not included in our price, each couple will have to pay the court filing fees on top of paying for the forms preparation services at GetDivorceOnline.com.

These are two different things. Physical custody refers to the physical side of the child’s future life, mainly where they will live, what school they will attend, etc. Legal child custody gives the right to one or both co-parents to decide on the child's education, health care, and well-being.

We can prepare divorce papers for any state, and even for yours according to its particular laws. But in order to file in a specific state, one of the spouses should reside there and meet other state requirements. To read the requirements for your state and to see if you qualify for uncontested divorce, please click on the start button in the top right corner and choose your state. 

Yes, allow us to assist you with this! If you’re married and wondering how to order a divorce decree online, we have everything you need. Our methods simplify the divorce process and make it easy for you to manage. You can order divorce papers online at a fraction of the cost of hiring an attorney.

But where do you order papers? If you want to order a divorce certificate online, please use our divorce toolkit with guided instructions on what to do and how to do it. Ordering decree applications has never been easier to do online. That’s because all the paperwork required for filing a divorce can be acquired directly from us.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with legal assistance or attorney`s help. We are working with our own divorce forms specialists. But if you have any technical questions or need assistance with the questionnaire, our support team is available via email, phone or chat at no additional charge.

Sure! You can resubmit your answers or make any changes for 45 days after the payment or for a small fee if you want to extend the subscription.

To get divorced you only need to follow 3 steps:

  1. Double check with our website if your case is eligible for divorce online by answering a few simple questions.
  2. Proceed with the payment and get the process started by answering the second set of more detailed questions, which will help us to prepare divorce papers individually for you.
  3. Finally, you receive a soft copy of your divorce forms to your secure account at GetDivorceOnline.com along with a guide on how to submit them to court.

Hence, the time estimate of the 3 step online divorce is less than cooperating with a lawyer.

Yes, we can help you right now. You can get your paperwork done online without having to hire an attorney. Wouldn’t you rather opt for an amicable divorce by cutting out the long, drawn out process and doing it quickly online? All you have to do after that is just follow our detailed filing instructions and file your paperwork with the court.

At GetDivorceOnline.com we provide you with all the documents you need to get divorced. Once they’ve been printed or mailed, simply sign them. The general information pertaining to your divorce will already be filled in. Then follow the easy filing instructions to legitimize your divorce. You have easy to understand step-by-step instructions, which make filing easy. Instead of spending hours trying figure out the divorce process, let us handle form preparation for you.

It depends on your state, some of them have e-filing, and some don’t. It’s easy to submit divorce applications online once you have your paperwork prepared by GetDivorceOnline.com, because the process has been streamlined to make it as quick and effortless as possible. Once they’ve been signed, you can submit divorce papers online if your state offers this option. Preparing your forms with us online is quicker, and it is one of the best ways to ‘soften’ the effects of a divorce.

There is no exact data which can tell you how many divorce packets are prepared each year. Our company, based on the numbers we have and our competitors advertise, which is too big to be true, tried to estimate how many people buy divorce papers online. Each year over 1 million divorces take place in the United States; approximately 800 thousand are uncontested and around 20% of those have used an online form preparation service. 

Going through the 3-step form preparation procedure on GetDivorceOnline.com will help you obtain a divorce decree online, which you will be able to file with the court to get divorced. Later you will obtain signed decree from the judge once it is finalized. The date when the decree was signed will also be considered the date of your divorce.

With the help of GetDivorceOnline.com you can get soft copies of your divorce decree online, which will be filled out for you within 30-45 minutes after submitting the questionnaire, and detailed guidelines on what you should do next with the forms will also be attached. The next step is filing the documents with the court and receiving an official decree signed up by a judge.

Our cost is only $129, which is a lot cheaper than paying $2,000 for a lawyer for the same paperwork. We understand that when divorcing, people are worried more about their family and future lives, and worrying about money can be overwhelming. You can even check in the Internet to see what customers like you have said regarding “What it was like to use online divorce services”, and this will definitely prove that quality work is available at GetDivorceOnline.com for affordable prices.

Divorce mediation means that a third party mediator will help you and your partner to find the best solutions for both parties and your kids, and decide on the questions connected with the divorce process before going to court.