How to Check Status of Your Divorce Online?

Posted by Jason W.
June, 02nd, 2017
How to Check Status of Your Divorce Online?

Once a couple makes the decision to terminate the marriage, it’s easy for the path to the courthouse to become a rocky road. However, the Internet and technology have helped make it more seamless – especially for those who are filing an uncontested divorce. And this is true even if the individuals don’t reside in the same state.

It almost sounds too good, too cheap and too easy to be true. But once the online forms are prepared, delivered to the couple, signed and sent to the appropriate clerk’s office, many wonder: What’s the next course of action?

Further Actions

Most states now permit online divorce form filing and these are matters of public record. Each state may also have a backlog of applications of divorces to file, which means it may take a while for it to be granted. But many are anxious to receive word that the divorce is finalized so they can chart a new life course.

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When you search “How to check my divorce status online”, you may be surprised how easy it is. Before you proceed, just make sure you have your court-issued case/index number. Please note: You cannot access this information on our company’s website. Also, the case number is not the same as the order ID that we assigned to you. The court provides you with a case number when you initially file the paperwork and pay the filing fees. Once you enter this information, you can check on the status and view (in some cases) all the documents you filed online. We are happy to explain how you can view divorce papers online and make your life less complicated.

As people are about to begin the next phase in their lives, the one question that is most often asked is: How can I check my divorce status online? And the answer is: You can look up divorce filings online by conducting an easy search.

Can You Find out About a Divorce Being Final Online?

Absolutely! If you have any difficulty, finish reading our post. Even if we were not retained by either party to prepare your paperwork, we can help you look up your status. First, you will access the appropriate county’s website for the state where the petitioner filed the papers. Once you enter your name and other personal information on their secure site, you should receive a case number. Be sure to keep this handy, as the next time you check on the status it will save you some time.

In today’s modern era of technology, you can see filings online and even view divorce decree online so it’s no longer mandatory to go to the courthouse – or even phone them. If you need to see your papers online you will definitely be able to access this information. Even if you do phone them, usually you will receive a prerecorded greeting asking you to visit their website. If a significant amount of time has passed and you haven’t received any written notification from your county in which you filed (note: not all states mail an acknowledgement), you may want to check a divorce case status online and see your papers online. So, there’s no need to worry; it is definitely possible for you to look up specifics on divorce filings online, and these forms are generally very easy to find.
Obtaining Vital Records from Non-State Agencies

You can check a divorce status online by utilizing various authorized external processing companies. Please note that there will be a small fee if you want to receive an official document. This is true with state records as well, but they may be less expensive. So, it’s worth comparing prices. And at least when you check a divorce case status online, it won’t require travel time or excessive time wasted while you wait on hold. Verify that whatever agency you use has a secured site. You will first be prompted to enter information on their step-by-step online form. Editing features are available if you make an error. Before you submit your request, take a moment to verify all of your entries.


When going through a difficult journey in life, individuals will have a flurry of questions - and we can help provide you with answers, including how to find divorce decree online.
Perhaps you have misplaced your documents as your life takes this new turn. You hope there is an answer to your question: “Where can I find divorce papers and information about the process online?” For those whose divorce has been finalized by a presiding judge, their question is normally: “How do I find my divorce decree online?” We are happy to give you clear instructions with the help of our blog, so you can access and obtain your documents. We have good online background experience; we have been helping couples in your situation for years, including helping individuals find divorce decrees online.

Unfortunately, due to privacy issues we are limited in our access to your personal data. So, for those who call assuming: “You can check my divorce status online via your own website, can’t you?”, our answer is no. Our website contains forms, not government records.

We hope that the information provided here has equipped you with vital knowledge about using online divorce forms and how this method can help you expedite the divorce. If you need help with your paperwork, we’d be happy to prepare the whole packet for your convenience. Just give us a call and we can discuss everything.