How to Complete Divorce Papers Online?

Posted by Jason W.
December, 04th, 2017
How to Complete Divorce Papers Online?

Is It Legal to Be Divorced Online?

In the world of advanced technologies, one might wonder “How can I get divorce forms online?”. And in reality it is possible for anyone to get complete divorce papers online even without working with an attorney or getting any legal assistance from a lawyer. In fact, it will neither take much of your time nor big amounts of money, and it will definitely help you to start new life in the most convenient way: from the comfort of your own home.

How to Complete My Divorce Online?

This procedure is not time consuming or complicated, and what is required from you for a complete divorce online is just to go through 3 simple steps. Firstly, you double check with the website whether your specific case is eligible for an uncontested online divorce by going through a few yes/no questions right on the website. It will immediately show the results, and if you are eligible it will allow you to proceed to the second step. Next you will have to indicate your and your spouse's personal information, and some details about the marriage and children, including information about debts, property and current residence. This is how you create your individual account. You’ll need to pay a relatively small fee for your paperwork compared to lawyers’ fees, and using online services will also save you a lot of time. Credit or debit cards are usually the accepted payment options, so you can choose what is most suitable for you. After the payment is complete you will be able to submit all the answers of the main questionnaire, which are mandatory as they help divorce forms specialists to prepare papers specifically for your divorce case. For your convenience, it is not necessary to do everything at once; most websites allow clients to take some time between or during these steps. You can verify this on the website you are working with.

How Do I Get My Divorce Papers?

The final step before you can complete an online divorce is to get some rest before you have the paperwork uploaded to your account on the website. You will also receive instructions on how you should file the paperwork with the court, and following the guidelines step-by-step makes the process easy and keeps your forms organized. You’ll have 90-day access to your account starting after the payment. Once you receive the complete divorce papers online, just print them after downloading from the secure control panel. Usually the support team can also email you the divorce packet if you request, so you can be sure that they have all the forms at hand. Finally, do not forget to review the forms before printing and going to court, as some of them should be signed by your spouse, and others need to be notarized — signed by both spouses in front of a notary.

Now you know what you need in order to get a complete divorce online and that there are fewer obstacles to your new life. If you are ready to proceed with your divorce and need to have your paperwork prepared, please talk to our support team or go through the online eligibility check on