About Us

Our life story

Being in the market since 2010, GetDivorceOnline.com has an extremely positive reputation based on the feedback of our happy clients who were able to officially start their new lives with the help of GetDivorceOnline.com.

A lot of divorce forms were prepared, and even more people were helped and their cases finalized. And our team is ready to tackle your case!

What are our core values?

We care about our clients, and that's why your happiness is very important to us. From the moment you entrust your case to GetDivorceOnline.com, we are in charge of your divorce. And since you have more free time, you don't feel the burden of responsibility of preparing divorce forms while they are being prepared by us. So we have no doubt that our support and care of your case will ease your life for at least a little bit.

We are dedicated to our job!

If you are on this website, it means that the decision has already been made. To simplify the divorce process for you and your spouse, and to make it the least painful for both of you and especially your children, we are suggesting to use GetDivorceOnline.com.

Our team of professional divorce forms specialists realizes how responsible their job is and moreover how important the divorce is for you. That's why each member of our company gives 120%.

Our vision of Divorce

We know that getting divorced does cost a lot of money, time and energy. But what we present here is a brand new way to go through the divorce, DIY divorce or no-fault divorce, which is dissolution. This is the fastest and cheapest option for you to get paperwork done for your uncontested divorce and to file the documents with the court on your own. You will find that affordable prices, accurate divorce forms and fast process are not just empty promises; they are underpinned by our 100% guarantee that the forms are going to be accepted by court. So, now you don't have to worry about expensive lawyers, big queues at their offices, uncomfortable meetings and long discussions. It has become easier since those times when people had to spend half of their lives in court trying to prove the necessity of the divorce. Now you have this opportunity to save the money you would have paid an attorney for the future and spend your priceless time with your children, while GetDivorceOnline.com takes care of you.