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It may seem that online divorce with a child is more complicated than the one without. However, it is important that everything is conducted properly so child custody is not lost by any of the co-parents in the future. In fact, our website GetDivorceOnline.com will assist you with getting a quick online divorce with kids processed according to the laws of your particular state, at a much cheaper price than doing everything with judge and lawyer.

Divorce With a Child Online is Possible

If your divorce is uncontested, it means that a divorce online with children and property is partially finished for the spouses and a kid, as co-parents have reached an agreement regarding division of not only property and assets, but have also found consensus for child custody and support. You just need to make it official. Despite the fact that you have children and property, our website will be able to tackle the case of your divorce and cover such situations with absolutely legal forms that you can file. In cases of uncontested divorce, you must make decisions on the physical and legal custody, which is not always easy. Online divorce with kids presupposes that parents should also think about children, as it might be morally stressful for them to experience the process. So make sure the child knows both parents still love them and that the child-parent relationship will remain the same as before, just that the parents are going to live separately.

The Types of Child Custody Arrangements

As was already mentioned, there are joint and sole options for physical and legal custody. For everything to go smoothly in the future, sole physical custody is recommended. It is always better for a child to have one permanent place of living and a parent who they will be residing with. When it comes to deciding on what school the child will be attending, and what official address the child will be attached to, sole physical custody will help you clarify all these uncertainties once and for all. However, this does not mean that the other parent will not take part in the child’s upbringing, as visitation will be permitted.

The alternative way is joint physical custody, when a child lives with both parents for a sufficient amount of time. This doesn’t mean that the child spends half the week with their mother and half with their father; instead co-parents will have just substantial and frequent time with the child. It is obvious that the second option is more challenging and exhausting for a kid, therefore we suggest choosing sole physical custody. However, if you still want to see your children more often, you can have sole physical custody with your customized option of a child visitation schedule.

With regards to legal custody, it is divided into sole and joint as well. However, this type of custody is about the authority to make main decisions for the child, for example, education, religion and healthcare. So when it is sole, only one parent is fully responsible for the above-mentioned decisions, while both parents have to come to mutual solutions and share the responsibility if they choose joint legal custody. Legal and physical custody work separately, and if you request sole physical custody, you can still ask for legal custody to be joint, or vice versa.

For an uncontested divorce online with children, please check your eligibility first and proceed with the main online questionnaire to receive your paperwork and detailed filing instructions.


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