Same sex divorce papers - The easiest solution for your divorce.

Just few years ago, same sex divorces were only possible in the states that supported same sex marriages. As same sex marriages have become legal in all US states and each state should recognize same sex marriage, it is possible to have same sex divorces not only with a lawyer. With the development of technology, life has become easier and vital problems can now be solved from the comfort of your own home with the help of a computer. Same sex divorce online is no longer a taboo and will help you to file a same sex divorce.

Divorce papers for same sex marriages

We often see the question “Is there a separate form for same sex simplified divorce?”. And the answer is no; divorce forms for same sex couples are the same as for heterosexual couples. The forms depend on the state where you want to file. In some states using old forms is fine, while in others special forms are used. We know all the requirements in every specific state and can prepare the correct papers for you. Same sex divorce papers for wife and wife, for example, are no different from the papers for any other marriage. Keep this in mind when checking your final forms.

Are there any differences when preparing same sex divorce papers?

The procedure and the requirements are pretty much the same as for same sex divorces, and the conditions depend on the state that you reside in as well as the specific county. However, there used to be some specificities. For example, if a couple married in a state that recognized same sex divorce but had residency in one that did not recognize such marriages, they could not be divorced in their state of residency. To get a divorce, at least one partner had to move to the state they were married in to reestablish residency by living there for at least 6 months (some states required residency for 2 years) before filing a divorce for same sex couples.

Do all states support same sex divorces?

Yes. The only issue is that you should file for the divorce in your state of residence, not where you got married. Make sure you check the requirements for each state to be aware of all the particular details.

Difficulties that can arise during same sex divorce

There are mainly concerns regarding property, debts and child custody. The division of property can be a complicated case, as many same-sex couples lived together for a long time before getting married officially since it was not allowed in the past. So if you have mutual property before the date of your marriage, you will have the opportunity to persuade the judge to divide that property between both of the spouses. The same goes if you have debts with a partner before the marriage; the judge can consider such situations individually. But the best way to divide your property and debt - to reach an agreement before you start your divorce. In this case online services, like, can help you with all required divorce paperwork.

It is obvious that if you have not reached an agreement on child custody and support with your partner, the court will have to do it. Remember that usually the spouse with legal rights receives all the rights. However, the court can opt for the other parent, even if the latter is not on the record as a legal guardian. You should first check whether your parental rights are secure, and if not, we advise you to hire a lawyer and let them help you persuade the judge to recognize the legal relationship between you and the child.

In any case, it is better to reach an agreement with your spouse on child custody and support, property and debts and then get DIY divorce on, saving money for your future. Don’t wait, file for same sex divorce online with our service.


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