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Life can throw some curveballs and catch us off guard at times, especially when it results in a termination of a marriage. Countless couples have used us to assist them when they decided to end their marriage, and we pledge to deliver the same great service so you can also get a divorce online.

For years, we have been a leading company in the market of online divorce forms and showed that obtaining divorce paperwork should be inexpensive. Since a divorce is definitely not something that people experience often, they may not know there are options: cheap, safe, legal options. At, we have one goal: to help individuals like you. With us, you can file divorce papers online from the comfort of home. You aren’t required to hire an attorney, or spend time searching the Internet for which forms your county clerk requires and after finding them, hoping they aren’t outdated. We know all the regulations and procedures, we are in possession of the mandatory forms, and we will help provide you with everything you need to get through this difficult phase, as opposed to filing yourself.

Getting Started: How You Apply for a Divorce Online

Once you and your spouse settle on a divorce, you will want to set realistic goals. Naturally, this will include different living arrangements, and deciding on property allocation. But there are several legal matters to face, as well, especially if minor kids are involved. You will want to pay great attention to child custody, as well as child support and visitation agreement. With all of these issues to consider and resolve, you wonder how your budget will allow you to retain an attorney. No need to panic; it’s not always necessary to hire an attorney. With paperwork from, you will find out that filing for divorce online is the best solution. In fact, couples across the United States use us every day. Our site is secure and it’s easy; with our simple to follow procedures you will understand how to file for divorce online.

Easy Form Preparation — DIY

Everywhere you look these days you see DIY projects - whether it is online or on television. Finally, in this Internet age, it’s possible to file for divorce online in the USA, and it’s safe and legal. The best part is we guarantee that the court will approve our forms. On top of that, we are much cheaper than what attorneys cost! During this difficult period, couldn’t you use top-notch service at a low rate? Filing divorce papers online as a DIY will take less than an hour, and many individuals fill in papers and print them in less than 30 minutes.

Why Choose Us?

For many years our company been assisting people like you obtain a seamless divorce. Our innovative software allows us to capture your responses and fill out the exact forms your case requires instantly so you can file divorce papers online Our forms and easy to follow detailed step by step filing instructions are straightforward, and you should only need to visit the court a minimal number of times. Please note that our online divorce forms are to be used by people filing for an uncontested divorce online. If you and your spouse have unresolved issues, for instance custody or money, then you should definitely retain an attorney. But if you have amicably reached a settlement we can save you a significant amount of money.

How Can You File for Divorce Online?

This is a quick, easy process. Since each state has its own rules, they have created their own particular set of forms. We use software that has each form for each state at our fingertips. You will answer a few questions before you actually begin to enter any legal information. You then complete the forms, review, print, and sign, and take them to your county clerk’s office where you can file them. It is quite rare for a party who files for an online divorce to be asked to appear before a judge. This is why so many people today are choosing the fast, cheap way to obtain a divorce with us, as we have all the forms needed to file for divorce.

What You Can Expect From

Your personalized forms will be 100% approved by the court, absolutely guaranteed. We wouldn’t be in business if we could not answer the question: “Can I file for divorce online by myself?” We are professionals who deliver the correct forms, and we guarantee that the forms we provide you will be accepted by your state’s court. You will receive top quality service when you file for a cheap divorce online with us.

If you ordered it from our website, you can access it from your Control Panel. Please note: It is the same decree that you signed and filed, but it is NOT stamped by the court. Nor is it reflected in the court’s database. You may want to know where to find divorce papers filed online or are asking “How can you find divorce filings online?” County clerk’s offices typically keep these indefinitely. Simply log on to the website of the court where your petition was originally filed, enter your assigned personal case number, and you should be directed to the right page where you will see your divorce papers.

You can find your divorce filings online. Please refer to your county clerk’s website. You can access the copy that we provided you with, but to receive official court records, contact your county clerk.

Yes, but it has a few extra steps. Contact the county clerk and ask for directions and their procedures for cases regarding a missing spouse.

One way you can get a divorce online is to hire an attorney and, as you know, that can be extremely expensive. Or you can make a cost-saving choice by selecting us. Finally, you can try to complete your divorce forms on your own. This could result in costly mistakes that leave you in a financial bind if your property and debt distribution calculations are wrong. Further, it may involve child support payments that are less - or more - than you intended. This could leave you with custody issues down the road that require an attorney and more court costs to correct. If you are asking yourself “How can I get my divorce decree online?”, just log in to the website of the court you used to file your divorce petition. Just be sure you have the court-provided case number.

If you conduct an online search for “Where can I get divorce forms?”, you will find many of our competitors. However, just compare prices, and you will quickly discover we are able to offer low, affordable rates with a 100% guarantee that the court will approve your paperwork. A word of caution: Some forms at other online divorce services are outdated. Plus, they do not provide any guarantees.

If you are asking yourself “Where can I file?”, you will find our services are of highest quality, making us the best site for filing divorce online! In fact, ours is the only service that provides the required forms, along with easy yet specific instructions.

Everyone who is interested in saving substantial time and money, and has agreed to divorce settlement issues, can obtain a favorable divorce experience by using

Yes, you can absolutely apply for a divorce online. To begin, just complete a brief questionnaire (just 2-4 questions) to confirm eligibility. This can be done in as little as 30 to 45 seconds.

Is it possible to file for divorce online? Yes, any couple, regardless of sex or physical location and who meets their state’s requirements, which we mention on the qualification page, can file for an uncontested divorce online. Also, anyone who has agreed with their spouse about divorce settlement issues may file for an uncontested divorce online.

This is strictly up to each state, but it’s usually a few months. For example, in California they have a fixed 6-month waiting period between filing steps.

This will depend on each state, and how often their court updates records.

“What does it cost to file a divorce online?” is a frequently asked question. You will discover that every county has its own preset cost for filing fees. The cost of filing for divorce online varies; you can expect to be charged anywhere from $100 to $450 in court fees, so we suggest you ask your county clerk to learn the correct fee. The cost of generating forms with lawyers is over $1,500, however we give you identical documents for only $295!

Is it legal? Yes! The packet we will provide you with has the same divorce forms as what any attorney will use. After both parties sign the paperwork just submit them, along with the proper amount for filing fees, and your divorce proceedings follow the same process as if you had retained an attorney.

After creating an account, just answer a few questions. We provide step-by-step filing instructions. All the information is easy to understand, but if you have a question give us a call.

When using an online service, you will receive the same results as if you had hired a lawyer, but you can save over $1,500 with If you are still debating whether or not to use an online service, consider this: How much time will you need to be off work to meet with an attorney, since attorneys aren’t open in the evenings or weekends? If you do not like the first lawyer you choose, then you will probably schedule an appointment with a different lawyer. And since attorneys aren’t open in the evenings or weekends, when it’s convenient for you, that means more time off work. Hopefully, you will see the tremendous value we can provide - all from the privacy of your own home, whenever you want.

Pros: You can expect to save precious time and you are able to fill out divorce forms online from home, at the time that suits you – not an attorney. You can save over $1,500 by using our services.

Cons: If your case becomes complicated and if your spouse contests it, or if you need legal assistance, then you probably should consider hiring a legal representative.

While we have competitors online, we are definitely the best company when it comes to filling out divorce paperwork online.

Yes! Once word spread that it is possible to file for divorce online, the concept has continued to gain momentum. It’s becoming more and more popular not only around the country but around the world, because it is cheap, fast, and easy!